About us

The ATID Education and Schools Network is a public benefit company (a non-profit institution) that specializes in the management and operation of educational institutions. Throughout the school year 2016-2017, the ATID  is managing and operating 38 educational institutions, including high schools, junior high schools, youth villages, a technology center and a community center, spread across the country from the Golan Heights in the north to Dimona in the south. 

The network institutions cover the whole range of educational subjects in Israel, with an emphasis on technological education.In addition to these diverse educational frameworks,  ATID  also manages the HILA program (complementary basic education), a program that is under the responsibility of the Director of Youth and Society Administration at the Ministry of Education. The 1,300 teachers and instructors in the HILA program are among the best in the profession, working day and night for those youths who do not fit into any formal education framework


The educational frameworks managed by ATID have enrolled 22,000 students from all sectors in the population, and more than 3,000 teaching staff and principals are employed.

The vision of  ATID  is to lead to the teaching of values, science and technology, expressed in the implementation of an educational concept that enables all students, wherever they are, to enjoy the maximum opportunities to nurture and realize their inherent potential. All that, for the sake of their future security, and in order to maximize their skills and heart's desire. The rich experience of  ATID  in the management of educational institutions proves that students can be motivated by intellectual inquisitiveness and a drive for success in their studies, so that every student can excel according to their ability and skills

Over the years, the Network educational institutions have won many prizes, including first and second places in the Israeli Cyber Competition, the District Education Prize of the State Religious Education System, the President's Prize for Science, the Minister of Transportation Award, first places in international and national competitions in the fields of biology, engineering, science and debating. Schools run by  ATID  have in recent years been included on the list of the Ministry of Education’s educational institutions that excel in social-ethical achievements. This achievement is expressed in the schools’ involvement in carrying out wide-ranging activities in the social-values field, preventing drop-outs, integrating special-education students, showing willingness to serve in the IDF and contributing to the community