Our educational vision

We believe that the primary goal of the education system is to instill the principles and values vital to the functioning of the individual in a high quality and advanced society, to develop the students’ personality and help them realize their individual potential, preparing them for joining the adult world. Hence, education is the cornerstone for formulating and shaping an enlightened society, and providing an equal educational opportunity is the basic right of all students. The ATID Education and Schools Network has set as its vision becoming an educational leader seeking to "lead to ethical, scientific and technological education." This vision is expressed in the implementation of a holistic educational approach, which places the students at the center of the educational activity, enabling them to enjoy the maximum opportunities for nurturing and realizing their potentia


:The pedagogical-network concept consists of four main actions


Promoting learning that enhances academic achievement

We are engaged in the promotion of academic achievements, while emphasizing the development of learning functions adapted to the 21st century, the diversity of subjects and learning methods, and the training of the professional staff


Strengthening values education

We consider values education, active citizenship and commitment to the community as the primary educational goals, which are included in the curriculum and are binding for all schools in the chain. In the school years 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, a number of ATID schools were included in the Ministry of Education’s list of educational institutions that excel in social-values achievements. This means that these schools carried out extensive activities in the social- values field, in the prevention of drop‑outs, the integration of special education students, showing willingness to serve in the IDF and contributing to the community


Promoting and fostering personal, group and school excellence

We base our educational work on key values, while striving to realize the abilities of all students. We strive to provide an optimal response to the advancement and nurturing of diverse populations, among other things, by choosing learning tracks suited to the students' skills and preferences – theoretical, scientific, technological studies or a combination of all three. The students are given the opportunity to choose their own path, not through a "lack of choice" (or by default), but rather by choosing, from a wide selection of paths, the one that will fit their life and their future


Creating advanced learning environments that are dynamic and challenging for thought and interest

 We develop skills among school pupils, which are adapted to the reality of the 21st century. In this framework, the students are required to be independent, critical, creative, flexible and skilled learners, to be able to handle the digital information that they acquire. The use of technological learning environments enables the teaching staff to prepare the students for the future, to adapt their skills to a changing dynamic reality, to encourage them and improve their academic achievements